-Artisan Services

Handicrafts have an old tradition and have been cultivated for generations in the city. They are mainly concentrated within the family are works of stone, wood, embroideries, iconography, carpets and thatched works. Such artisan products can be found in the castle’s entrance and in mangalem quarter.

Wood carving wood carving is widespread in beratand occupies an important place in the popular art of the city. The production of artistic wood carvings in the city of berat has achieved great development in the centuries xviii-xix, and a perfection was achieved in cult objects. Most of these work are found in wood ceilings, wall cupboards, doors, windows, sofa, etc.

Metal smith goldsmith found suitable conditions for development in all establishments producing goods for the market .it reached the peak of development in the second half of xvii cent.-beginning of xviii century. Documents of that era show that in some cities in albania, shkoder, prizren, elbasan, berat, voskopoje where handicrafts had been highly developed, there were dozens of jewelry workshops. Works of best masters of centuries xvii, xviii, xix we find in religious facilities, dishes, of higher representatives of feudal society.

Masters of wood processing with the growth and prosperity of cities, there were developed the traditional skills associated with complex urban construction roads, construction of water taps and fountains, bridges and castles, residential houses and buildings coated and decorated with plaster and carved wood material.

Animal leather processing the procession of animal leather is a very old profession that comes from antiquity. This profession has been highly developed in the middle ages in berat. Animals were the main means of transportation until the early twentieth century. But today, only two of them are working in berat and exactly in the neighborhood gorica on the road that leads to the village of velabisht.

Embroidery embroiderers decorated clothing and household devices such as quilt, pillow, apron, linen, cushion coverings, curtains, collar, scarf etc. Their works were known throughout southern albania. They have succeeded in developing a characteristic repertoire of master motifs compositions for the decoration of clothing parts, with a clear physiognomy different from that of the other cities of the country.

Wool processing still fewer girls and more women continue to perform this activity in the field of embroidery as well as in the making of wool. Many women continue to work with the same techniques still primitive. During the communist era has been a craft production workshop (npa) in the city of berat for the production of art and craft objects. Currently, only two women working in berat for the production of carpets in very craft way,resmije shkoza and dyshi droboniku.

Iconography berat was a city famed for its skill in producing ecclesiastical art, and during the early medieval age it had six painting and calligraphy schools. A series of icons and miniatures were reproduced in the scriptoriums of berat during the 14th and 15th centuries. Beginning in the 17th century, berat became an important center in the production and preservation of the important values of the byzantine and post-byzantine art of painting. The most representative painter of this art was without doubt onufri, a renowned painter of frescoes in byzantine style, influenced by the cretan-venetian european rennaisancee school. Today the high school of art in berat,develops and arranging classes in the field of the restoration of icons and frescos, as well as improving the textile field, that has to be improved in its historical and traditional aspects.

Coppery worker-coppery workers are masters of copper and tin cans with beating technique and working in relief with recording and dealing with repair of them.

Smith the forge is one of the important crafts as the main working tools where made of iron. In the “vakëf” neighborhood lives the family of sharavolli, all of them works as craftsmen .since two centuries they have been dealing with metal working as carpenters. Only the last 60 years have come 20 craftsmen from this family.