3- Religion
The main religion the inhabitants of berat adhere to are the muslim religion, the christian orthodox and the bektashi faith. More than 62 % are muslims, 25 % are christian orthodox, 7% bektashi and the rest are catholics, evangelists and atheists.
The red codex of berat
Religion played a major role in the city of berat and nowadays it serves as a reflection of the past culture and creativity, berat is very famous is home of one of the rare codices ever found in the world. It is the red codex of berat which is a vi century gospel designed with a lot of creativity and with rich and luxurious materials. The red codex of berat it is thought to have been given as a gift to berat by john chrysostom indicating the importance berat had for the byzantine empire at the time.
The Epitaph of Glavenica
Another religion object with universal wide values is the epitaph of glavenica, one of the three similar works in the entire world. It features the body of dead christ over a fabric. The art, the colors, the materials make up one of the finest artistic achievements in mediaeval albania.

Old churches and mosques
Berat has old churches which date back from the byzantine empire: the church of saint michael, the church of saint mary blacherna and the church of holy trinity. In addition, there are a number of churches and mosques which were built starting from the xv century and onwards. There is also the helveti tekke, one of the most beautiful tekes to have ever been built in the balkans.

One of the typical artistic expressions in berat in the past was iconography. Various masters of iconography worked in the churches of berat and left behind masterpieces in this genre of art. The most prominent of them was onufri and his son nicolas. Onufri is widely known for his paintings depicted with a vivid color, for his graceful portraits and and the special red color which was named after him: the onufri red color. The onufri museum hosts some of the rare works of onufri and other talented and renowned artists of iconography.