Rroshniku is a relatively big and wealthy village. It is about one hour’s drive away after taking a left turn on the road from Berat to Skrapar. In Albania, Rroshnik is known for its fig plantations and for the production of dried figs. After a recent dwindling, this tradition has started toi be rekindled, and in Rroshnik villagers will get for you the best dried figs at any time. This villages is also known for the cultivation of grapes and for its home made raki. Rroshniku is also the origin of the Qyprilinjve(Koprulu) family, which produced six Ottoman Grand Vizier, who led the Ottoman Empire to the Siege of Belgrade or to the gates of Vienna in the 17th century. One stone house, which is still erect today , is the house of one Koprulu family member that returned from instambul to his villages because he had been banished by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The road is only asphalted in places, but it is a good dirt road that can be used even by cars. On your way there, you will drive on some 19 century bridges, which will make you feel the history more.